Based on her book, Home on the Plains: Quilts and the Sod House Experience, Kathy discussed the lives and quilts of hard-working pioneer women who moved to Nebraska after the Civil War to begin new lives. Kathy shared links for those interested in further research:

Smithsonian's American History, Life in the Sod House

American Memory
Nebraska Studies search for Sod House

Solomon Butcher and his photography

Meet and Greet the Speakers
Several attendees enjoyed the Friday evening dinner with our guest speakers.

Joyce, who holds degrees from Pennsylvania State University and Stanford University. She has been member of AQSG since 2009 and presented her family related quilt research which was published in the 2018 edition of Uncoverings (American Quilt Study Group).

Am I Blue?  Nineteenth Century Red and Blue Applique Quilts

Presented by Lenna DeMarco

Sales and Raffle Prizes

Attendees enjoyed shopping for donated quilt related treasures, proceeds of which help to fund the Regional Study Days. A special raffle basket, to raise funds to take the Laurene Sinema collection to the Houston Quilt Show this fall, raised over $500 and made for a happy winner. 

Lenna discussed the red and BLUE applique quilts made in the mid nineteenth century, raising the question of whether they were intentionally red and blue or whether they were the result of overdyed green fabrics that have faded to blue?  In this study we will discuss the properties of those dyes 

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Joyce described the connection between three album style quilts made between 1840 and 1844 by different women in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. She detailed her research process which led to her find the interconnection between the quilts, all three of which are inscribed by many of the same names. Joyce is continuing her research on seven more family-related Album quilts.

Terry carefully documents each of the quilts in her collection and shared details of each of her treasures.

Confessions of a Quilt Collector    

Presented by Terry Grzyb-Wysocki

Lenna, who is a past national president of the American Quilt Study Group and has served on the executive board the Arizona Centennial Quilt Project, studies quilt history and presents lectures, workshops and trunk shows with her quilting partner Anne Hodgkins. She also restores antique quilts for museums, designers, dealers, and private collectors.  

Coffee, tea and treats!

A special thanks to Cam for managing the day's refreshments.

Women, Their Quilts and Life on the American Plains in the 19th Century

​Presented by Kathy Moore

Lenna shared wonderful examples of quilts with blue fabrics that were and were not overdyed which led to lively discussion. 

To contribute to the effort to take Laurene Sinema's collection to exhibit in Houston this fall, click HERE to access the GoFundMe page.

Kathy is an independent scholar of textile history as it relates to the history of quiltmaking and quiltmakers. She has master’s degrees in both American history (Auburn University, Auburn, AL) and in Textile History with an emphasis on quilt studies and museum science (University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE). She practices conservation and care of quilts, documents quilts and lectures on the history of quiltmaking and quiltmakers. 

March 13th & 14th, 2020 Arizona Regional Quilt Study Days

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November 7, 2020

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Teri, and active member of the Tucson, AZ Quilt Study Group, shared the story of how she became a quilt collector. She brought several wonderful examples of her collection for attendees to enjoy. 

Family, Friends, Merchants, and Religion in the Early 1840s

Presented by Joyce Fullerton Smith

Participants were fascinated by the information Kathy shared and by the questions she raised.