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​Anne V. Hodgkins is a retired mathematics professor who taught at the university and community college level.  Anne enjoys researching and writing about quilt history as well as presenting quilt history lectures, trunk shows and workshops. Anne served on the board of the Arizona Centennial Quilt Project (Co-Chair “100 Years, 100 Quilts” exhibition), and is a past president of the Phoenix Area Quilt Association. Anne is the treasurer of the Arizona Quilt Study Group(AzQSG) and frequently presents at AzQSG regional study day events. 

Quilt historian, author, quilt maker, and collector - Leah Zieber is from Temecula, California. Her reproduction and antique quilts have been exhibited across the country and published through American Quilt Study Group, Martingale Publishers and various magazines. Using her collection of antique quilts and related textile items that span nearly 200 years, she shares her knowledge of American Quilt History through lectures, workshops and retreats both nationally and abroad. Her new book with Martingale Publishers, due out in January, provides patterns for some favorite quilts from the collection. Be sure to pick up Leah’s debut historical fiction novel, Libby Morgan: Reunion. Leah is currently working on the second book in her American Heritage Quilt Series. Click HERE  to learn more about Leah at her website.

 Arizona Regional Quilt Study Day

November 9, 2019 in Sun City, Arizona

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In this session we will explore the origins of this early block.  We will trace its evolution from its beginnings in the first part of the 19th century to the variations and interpretations over the last two centuries. Along with a power point presentation Lenna and Anne will share examples from their collections. Members are invited to bring Princess Feather quilts or blocks from any era that they might be willing share.  This will be a hands on session.


8:00-8:45      Set up room
8:45-9:00      Registration
9:00-9:05      Welcome and Announcements
9:05-10:15    Those Fabulous Fifties: Quilts in Antebellum

​                     America by Leah Zieber​
10:15-10:30  Break and table shopping*
10:30-11:45  Leah Zieber: Round table quilt and textile

                    viewing & discussion
11:45-1:00    Lunch (not included),** shopping sales

1:00-2:15      Fancy Feathers: The History and Variations

                     of the Princess Feather Block by Lenna

                     DeMarco and Anne Hodgkins
2:15-2:30      Break and final shopping
2:30-3:00      Confessions of a Quilt Collector 

                     by Debbie Wilcox
3:00-3:15      Show and Tell
3:15-3:30      Pick up and pay for purchases
3:30-4:00      Room clean up
4:00              Vacate Room​

*There will be silent auction sale tables for quilt related items with proceeds supporting AzQS and tables for individuals to make private sales. You are invited to donate items for the AzQS table or to sell your own items.

**You are welcome to brown bag a lunch and eat in the meeting room or to go to one of the many restaurants in the area.


The study day fee is $50. Coffee and water will be available but lunch IS NOT included. There are several restaurants less than 5 minutes from this location and you are also welcome to bring a brown bag lunch. 

Payment must be made by Monday, November 4, 2019 to guarantee your spot. If space is available, you may register at the door for $55 (cash or check only). Remember that PayPal allows you to use either your Debit card, credit card, OR PayPal card.

Fancy Feathers: The History and Variations of the Princess Feather Block
by Lenna DeMarco and Anne Hodgkins

​Lenna DeMarco, professor emeritus at Glendale College in Arizona, is a former professional dancer and founder of the college’s dance department. She currently spends her time in researching and writing about quilt history and shares her findings in lectures, workshops and trunk shows. She also applies her knowledge in her work restoring quilts for antique dealers, museums, designers, and individual collectors. 

​My obsession with antique quilts and quilting in general began at age 12 when I saw my first quilt, a Double Wedding Ring.  I thought it was so beautiful and I was hooked.  

Arizona Quilt Study Group

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Church of the Palms

14808 N. Boswell Blvd 

Sun City, AZ 85351

There are several restaurants less than a 5 minute drive from the church.

Together we will explore the textiles, history and relevance of quilts during the 19th century years leading up to the Civil War. This presentation will include a power point presentation with historical background, followed by round the table quilt and textile viewing and discussion. Participant are encouraged to bring quilts, tops, blocks or other historical information/ephemera that they feel is relevant to the topic of “Pre-Civil War America.” 

​Over the years I have collected quilts dating from the middle 1800's to the 1950's.  There isn't a quilt I don't like so I choose quilts based on the ones that I LOVE...the quilt that will haunt me if I don't take it home with me.  Consequently my collection includes unfinished tops, patchwork quilts, embroidered and appliquéd quilts and more recently Baby quilts because I am running out of room!!  Some of my quilts are in great condition and some just so so.  I like to find interesting quilts, one of a kind quilts and examples of techniques I will NEVER make myself.  I love history and feel such a connection to that long ago quilter when I hold those quilts in my hands. Lucky for me my husband supports my quilt collecting habit and my 4 daughters, 3 son in laws and 16 grandkids just smile and nod when I show them my latest treasure.  They even add to my collection occasionally! I look forward to sharing my quilts with you!

 Lenna is a past President of the American Quilt Study Group, and served on the board of the Arizona (AZ) Centennial Quilt Project where she Co-Chaired their “100 Years, 100 Quilts” exhibition. She is on the board of the AZ Quilters Hall of Fame, the board of the AZ Quilt Project and is a past president of the Phoenix Area Quilters Association. She is the founder and facilitator of the Arizona Quilt Study Group.  For three years she co-authored, with Anne Hodgkins, a column,"Vintage Views,” on antique quilts for Quilting Quarterly Magazine and currently writes a quilt history column for the AZ  Quilters Hall of Fame Newsletter.  Along with Anne Hodgkins and Lynn Miller she co-authored “Follow the Thread - The Quilts of the Desert Caballeros Western Museum.” In 2016, she was inducted into the AZ Quilters Hall of Fame for her work in preserving and promoting quilt history in Arizona and nationally. In 2018 she was featured in the Arizona edition of the Quiltfolk magazine. She has an extensive collection of antique quilts that she loves to share.  ​

Confessions of a Quilt Collector

by Debbie Wilcox

Those Fabulous Fifties: Quilts

In Antebellum America

by ​Leah Zieber

In 2016 Anne and Lenna DeMarco were seminar co-chairs for the American Quilt Study Groups annual seminar in Tempe, AZ.  For three years she co-authored with Lenna DeMarco a column on antique quilts for Quilting Quarterly Magazine. Along with Lenna DeMarco and Lynn Miller she also co-authored Follow the Thread – The Quilts of the Desert Caballeros Western Museum.  Anne also serves on the Arizona Quilt Documentation museum team. Lenna DeMarco and Anne currently collaborate through L&A Quilt History which provides quilt history lectures, trunk shows, classes and workshops. Anne has a large collection of antique and vintage quilts that she enjoys expanding and sharing.​