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Arizona Quilt Documentation Project

The Arizona Quilt Documentation Project, spearheaded by Lynn Miller, is dedicated to documenting quilts in Arizona and making the information available on the Quilt Index. Since 2012, the Project has entered over 3,000 quilts on the Quilt Index, with more being added regularly. In 2017, our teams documented over 350 quilts throughout the state.  

The Quilt Index (see the link on the right), is an international database for preserving images and stories about quilt artists, quilts, and quilt history.  The information in the database is searchable and freely available to all. There are over 90,000 records from public and private collections. Click HERE to see the Arizona Quilt Documentation Project on the Quilt Index.

It’s not too late for your group to participate in the Arizona Quilt Documentation Project. All quilts, regardless of age or condition are included. Our teams of highly trained experts can work with your group to assist and train your members in how to document and photograph your quilts. We require a space to set up for photographing and approximately 3 tables to lay the quilt on for a physical examination. We provide all other items for documenting and training to get you started. Please use the form to contact us if your group is interested in learning how to document. It would be a great program for your group! individuals to document their own quilts is also available.

These are Arizona based and national organizations engaging in quilt history activities. 

Click on the blue links to to go to each Website.

American Quilt Study Group

This is a national organization whose goal is “to preserve the story of quilt making - past, present, and future.” This organization has become the major source for information about the study of quilts, quilt makers, related textiles, and process

Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame

The Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame celebrates and honors the contribution of Arizonans to quilt making and educates the public about quilt making, its history, and artisans

The Quilt Index

This website currently features images and information, provided by an array of contributors, on thousands of quilts from documentation projects, museums, libraries, and private collections.

Quilt Alliance

"The Quilt Alliance brings together the creative, scholarly, and business worlds of quilt making."

This is the home of the SOS (Save our Stories) project. Click HERE to learn more.