Quilt Study in Tucson is conducted by members of the Arizona Quilt Documentation Team. This team began in 2013 and meets monthly to study quilts. Each meeting consists of an education topic and a quilt documentation. A quilt may be brought by a member, or the team may go to a museum to document. To date, the team has documented quilts from the Arizona History Museum in Tucson and the Sanguinetti House Museum and Gardens in Yuma. Click HERE for information about Arizona museums. 

Depending on meeting location availability (see above), the team meets on Monday or Tuesday of the first or second week of the month from 9:30 to 12:30. All those interested are welcome. Please use the contact form below to find out the exact date for the next meeting. You may also use the contact form to request a guest speaker for your group.

July, 2019

Hexagons and Quilt Documentation

 Click HERE for the lecture information.

Public Documentation

November 9, 2019

Please use the contact form below if you have quilts to document.

August 2019

Amish Quilts and Documentation

Click HERE for the lecture information.

Program Information

Tucson Quilt Study Group
Ellie Towne Community Center

1660 West Ruthrauth Road

Tucson, AZ 85704.

September 2018

In addition to documenting several quilts, the program included a doll quilt lecture by Sue. Click HERE for meeting notes.

June 3rd Meeting

The team documented several quilts, including a memory quilt made to honor a member's nephew who died two years ago. He was an avid sports fan which is reflected in the quilt. Memory quilts are an important part of quilt history.

The continuing education portion of the meeting was a study of feedsacks used in quilting. The topic was presented by Sue F. Click HERE to read and/or download her notes. The picture in the slide show of the doll in the cradle shows several feedsack quilt. 

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December 2018

Sue F. presented "The Quilts of Red and Green." Click HERE to view or download the text of her presentation.