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Crib Quilts Exhibit

Curated by Sue Franklin

Lynn is an Arizona quilt researcher and historian. She has been the key person in documenting and entering AZ quilts into the Quilt Index.

A Quilter's Journey

Presented by

Shirley Weagant


Presented by

Janet Carruth

In 2009, the Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame posthumously inducted Emma. Click HERE to read an overview of her life and quilting contributions. Janet knew Emma and the guardians of her estate and thus, and provided interesting details of her life and work.   

Emma Andres


Preserving a Quilter's Legacy
Presented by
Lynn Miller & Laraine Daly Jones

Shirley shared a wonderful portion of her collection. She also shared what started her on this journey and discussed her path to her collection choices. Shirley is an active contributor to the Arizona Quilt Documentation efforts.

Lynn was able to acquire the full collection of Emma Andres' mementos including her quilts, notebooks, correspondence, ribbons, photos, paintings, dolls she received from Carrie Hall and many other items. She and Laraine helped us understand how to reach the goal of having this collection documented, archived and available for exhibitions in the coming years. AZQS is developing plans for making this happen. 

Laraine is the Collections Manager at the Arizona History Museum in Tucson. She is an avid supporter of the Arizona Quilt Study efforts.

Janet Carruth

was co-owner of The Quilted Apple

November 4, 2017

​Regional Quilt Study Day Highlights